History Episode 4     
All of these 1955 to 1957 promos are subject to warping because of the acetate plastic used in their manufacture. The warping will be worsened if placed in direct heat or direct sunlight.  There are two styles of 1957 T-Birds I have verified. The first was a poor design that began to warp almost immediately. The second was a much stronger design and is not as prone to warping.  I have heard reports of a third design that has smooth fender skirts. Here is an ultra-rare Colonial White promo of the first design. Next is a Starmist Blue, a Dusk Rose and a Flame Red. 
AMT produced the promo versions that were usually cast in authentic factory colors and came in plain boxes.  There were also retail toy version for all three years that sometimes have more basic colors.  The model number for all three years was # 222. 
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