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From its start in 1948 to the current day, Aluminum Model Toy, (AMT) has been the premier builder of promotional models.  Beginning with a rendition of a Ford and continuing to this day, the company has always had a reputation for quality and accuracy. Pictured here are three of  rarest promos in my collection, all 1955's. The first two are Raven Black, one with smooth hubcaps and the other with wire wheels. The second is Goldenrod Yellow, and was part of the Styling Kit. 
Restoration Tip: To Remove the chassis from the body on a promo with nails instead of screws - - Try this!  Heat  the head of the nail with a hot tip of a soldering iron for one minute only. You'll be able to pry the screw out with the tip of a sharp knife.  You can then clean your promo with luke warm soapy water.  Return the nail to the shaft by again heating it with the soldering iron tip as you  push  it down into the shaft.  I assume no liability if you "fry" your promo or burn yourself.  BE CAREFUL   ! !  IT WORKS.
I hope you enjoy my display of 1955 to 1957 two-seat Thunderbirds with their original boxes.  The promotional models were intended for use by car dealerships to promote the sale of "the real thing."   In the beginning they were given away, usually after a test drive or purchase.  In 1957 Ford sent a demographic sampling of Americans, likely to buy a new car a questionnaire. The reward for completing and returning it was a red 1957 T-Bird promo.  Of course, a few days later a salesmen would call to try and sell you a new "Bird". Pictured here are two retail toys in two shades of green. The last 56 is a promo painted Fiesta Red 
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