Halloween hat with hair that I do not have
Hi there, I'm Fred, 50, on September 8, 2002. I live with my two daughters that I adore. I have extremely varied interests, including music of all types ( one of my favorite groups are Renaissance ) . I like movies, Sci Fi , Adventure , Comedy, Drama of all type as long as they are made well and acted well.  I own and run a computer repair company. In the evenings I teach Computer Maintenance at our Adult Tech Center in Sparta, which used to be part of Sussex County Community College. I have had articles published in computer service magazines, and I have been called upon by the attorneys generals office for assistance in computer related matters.  I ride in charity bike tours for the United Way, MS Society, diabetes and other tour to benefit a good cause,  as well as riding for the fun of it.  My average ride is greater than 40 miles and for the last four summers I have ridden in RAGBRAI ( a seven day ride that crosses Iowa usually 500+ miles.  Just this past summer I have sucessessfully completed the Longest Day ride. A 203 mile ride in one day from High Point to Cape May.  I take the time out for the symphony, movies, art, folk music, dancing and the theater. I have a cocker spaniel and two cats that live with my two daughters and me, along with tropical Discus fish from the Amazon area of South America.

Email - fred@csnj.com

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