Welcome To Jenn's Homepage!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey sup all??? My name is Jenn and this is my home page! : ) My picture is the one all the way to the left, though I look a little diffrent now, it is pretty recent. Also pictured above are two of my best friends. The girl in the picture all the way to the right Is my best Friend who also happenes to be named Jen(we call her Little Jen). In my free time I love to hang out with my friends!!! We are pretty much your average teenagers, we go to partys and hang out. I am also involved in a lot of sports, I play Tennis, Basketball, and Softball.. I am pretty much in to all types of music, as I see it, if I like the music I'll listen to it. I Love to go hiking, and camp, which I also do a lot of with my friends. But i guess thats about it for me !!!!

Directed to my friends:

Sup to my best buds Little Jen, Tracy, Jeff, And Anthony!!! Always remember Jersey rocks! New York is cool but not as cool as Jersey!!!!! Good Luck you Guys!!!! I Love you all!!! We had great times together, not to mention alot of memories!!!! Always remember our games of pool!! Jersey vs. New York, are inTEResting car rides, the Damn 4 runner bug. Being Ditzy, Staying out all hours of the night, late night talking, phone bills, being truthful, Faces of Death, the trouble we cause, and last but not least the deer!!!! Out of all the good times we have had, the fun never seems to stop!!! And ya know what it never will!!!! I LOVE YOU !!!!!! Stay close!!!