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Name: Shannon Alexandria Laux    Height: 5'6    Hair: Dirty Blonde    Eyes: Blue    Hand: Left    Age: 16    Grade: 10 DOB: 1-31-87

    Hey What's going on? I'm Shannon, just an average teen, trying to succeed in this world.  I love to chat, hang out with friends, cycle,  watch movies, and keep up on the Hollywood gossip.  My Favorite actor of all time is Richard Gere.  I love the older men thing with the salt and pepper hair.  Some others include: Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Bono, Hugh Jackman & Simon Baker (Aussie accent), Trevor Goddard, Michael Vartan, and many more.  Most of my free time is spent on the computer or after school activities I play softball in the spring, and volunteer my time with other sports by doing the stats.  Nothing else really to say, hope you liked my page thanks for stopping bye! Tutals!

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Here's a look of what I did over my summer and some pics of me and my friends. 


Top-Across-Bottom:  All of us in the morning b4 a 80 mile ride, Rick, Karen, Me, my Dad, John, and Dan., Trish me and John when we stopped for something to drink, My dad me Karen Trish John and Dan one of the last nights in this crazy car we got to drive around in.

Mom's Wedding July 6th 2002

Top-Across-Bottom: Me my cousin Lauryn and my sister Jenn, a shot of the wedding, Kim and Me, My Sister, My mom and Me.

Friends and me:

Bart and Me at a HP dance in 9th grade                                        One late night Kim and Me decided to take some pics

From Top to across and then Bottom: Nick and Me During the summer, Holly getting ready to go to Creek, Amanda D., Emily, Amanda L., Amanda H. Bailey and Sondra during Gym, and Amanda and Me late one night.

**More Pics to come**


Here is some pages that I have made check them out!

My Richard Gere Page

My Fav. Celebs page (not done)

A page of Pics of Me

    My Favorite Quote :

               "Young Men are so goddamn disappointing [on my women like older leading men]"

   -Harrison Ford

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