Jeff Goldblum was on Letterman last night. Not much pertinent info was discussed, although they did show a longer clip from the movie. Apollo made a "high-light film" of the interview..You can download the 11.5 zipped .AVI here.

New commercials! Check these out, from Chris:

30 Second Commercial, Version 6
"You thought it was over...You thought it was safe...You thought....Wrong. The Lost World. Rated PG-13"
[ Large Version - 5.8mb ]
[ Small Version - 3mb ]

30 Second Commercial, Version 5
"On a distant island..Nature holds an incredible secret...Some have come to observe it's wonders....Others.. to hunt it down.. A Steven Spielberg film...The Lost World"
[ Large Version
[ Small Version ]

Here are some pics from various commercials, thanks to Chris):

(click a pic to enlarge)

Apparently, the Lost World Soundtrack may be out in stores near you! A few people have said they found it at Blockbuster Video.

If you saw Discovery News last night, you would have seen Jack Horner talking to an ABC news corespondent about his role in JP2, among other things. Here is most of the segment, converted into .RA format. (1 minute long)

Apparently Access Hollywood had a short segment on TLW yesterday. Philip Neumann saw it, and sent along some highlights:

Here's an interesting bit of info: according to Bill Warren, one of Starlog/Fangoria's senior writers, look for JP2 screenwriter David Koepp will be eaten by a T-Rex in the movie. (info thanks to BrentLynch)

The new "Official Souvenir Magazine" by Topps should also be out now. You know how I know? 'Cause Donald Rees sent me some pics! They're pretty big, so I made them they're own page, Here. A sample:

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly has just hit newsstands, with a cover story on The Lost World, featuring an interview with Jeff Goldblum. Here's an excerpt from the article, entitled "The Lizard King": (thanks to "DaBomb")

(pics thanks to Kyle)

The Dreamworks Interactive webpage has been updated with lots of cool new info and pictures on the upcoming JP2 game for the Sony Playstation..

A special issue of Dinosaurs! Illustrated should now be available on news stands everywhere for all those dinosaur enthusiasts. The article includes a look at the dinosaurs and character in JP2. Here's a picture of the cover, thanks to Gremlin)

Eric has made some animated .GIFs based on the Lost World Trailers. You can download them here (470kb)

I added/changed a few things with the calendar. Jeff Goldblum will be guest hosting Saturday Night Live tonight.

I'm very excited about the new Chat Room, which I just put up late last night. Basically this improves over the old java chat in many ways--it's faster, supports channel operators, and other basic IRC modes. What's more, if you have any IRC chat program (like Mirc), you can use it to chat, instead of using the java app. Special thanks to Net Access, my ISP, for permission to use their chat server.


One WEEK Left! Hope everyone likes the cool Shockwave Flash animation I made. A few things:

Last night during the second-best show on television, E.R., there was a long, 1 minute and 30 second preview for The Lost World. I think someone on the message board put it best when they said "it's like a combination of all the other trailers". Have a listen:

[ 1:30 minute Commercial ]

Also, on the Sci-Fi channel's show, Sci-Fi Buzz, there was an in-depth segment on JP2, along with interviews with Vince Vaughn, Jeff Goldblum, and Julianne Moore. It's around 4 minutes long.

[ Sci-Fi Buzz Segment ]

Jeff Golblum will be on The Late Show with David Letterman tonight. Also, check out Discovery News tonight at 9pm for a JP2 segment.

If you're wondering, the new Junior Novilization of the movie has now been spotted in stores. However, if I were you, I'd wait until you saw the movie before buying it, because, according to AMCDave, it gives away major plot points. Beware!

Here's a new JP2 contest, from Canteen Vending, where you can win a trip for four to Universal Studios Hollywood or a JP2 poster. Click here to enter!


More cool pics from this week's Time Magazine:
Richard Schiff (Eddie Carr) gets up close and personal with Mr. Rex.
And Spielberg takes a break

(Click an image to enlarge)

Well, it looks like Harry's crack team of spies were at the exclusive JP2 Press Screening last Friday, and they gave their reports. Excerpts:

Kodak has started their JP2 promotion, the largest in the companies history. Thomas, sent this pic, which states that you can get a free LW poster when you order Kodak Premium Processing. He also adds that they are selling a special Kodak PhotoFrame which has JP2 graphics on it.

Check out the Sci-Fi Channel's Sci-Fi Buzz tonight at 10:00pm (EDT) for all the "behind-the-scenes stuff that you want to know about the first true block-buster of the Summer!" (thanks to Stephen Horan)

Also at 10:00pm, check out ER on NBC (the second best show on television), which is reported to have a "sneak peek at The Lost World" (I'm not exactly sure if this will be during ER, or after it. I think the latter is the case).

Check out the new Calendar page for the complete run-down on what stars will appear on which shows and what specials will appear when on which channels.

Max Szoc sent along a press release which announces the start of the anticipated JP2 museum tour, now entitled "The Lost World: The Life and Death of Dinosaurs:

A few people e-mailed me and said they were having trouble hearing the Real Audio clip on the MovieTunes site, mentioned yesterday. If you're having problems, make sure you have the newest version of the Real Player. If the audio breaks up while you're playing it, download the entire clip first, by clicking here.


The excellent "movie music" website, Movie Tunes, has just added another entry to it's list: The Lost World! Complete with a review of the soundtrack (the reviewer gives it four stars out of five), and track listing, you can even hear the entire first track (you need RealAudio)!

Here's the cover of the CD:

Here's the track list (total time: 68min 58sec)

1. The Lost World (3:33)
2. The Island Prologue (5:03)
3. Malcolm's Journey (5:44)
4. The Hunt (3:30)
5. The Trek (5:23)
6. Finding Camp Jurassic (3:03)
7. Rescuing Sarah (4:01)
8. Hammond's Plan (4:30)
9. The Raptors Appear (3:43)
10. The Compys Dine (5:07)
11. The Stegosaurus (5:20)
12. Ludlow's Demise (4:27)
13. Visitor in San Diego (7:37)
14. Finale and Jurassic Park Theme (7:54)

Check out the Jp2 Movietunes page to hear the first track. Just to remind you, the soundtrack is scheduled to come out on May 20th.

I've added and updated some things over in The Shop, including a brand-new book entitled "The Science of Jurassic Park and The Lost World", and the ability to order the JP2 Scrapbook and Posterbook online! If you haven't checked out The Shop, it's the place where you can buy discounted JP and JP2 merchandise online! (thanks to Gard)

Those Aussie's are on the ball, publishing the first "review" of JP2 I have seen, and it's a good one. This is from the June issue of "TV Hits" (thanks to Troy:

By the way, in Australia, an "M" rating means "Recommended for audiences ages 15+"

This Friday at 9:00pm (EDT), check out the Discovery Channel's psuedo-news program, "Discovery News" -- According to "Surfer", there will be a segment on The Lost World. Then, starting Sunday night, Discovery will start their "Dino Week" -- more info here

According to Gatsby's LW Page, the one-hour Entertaiment Tonight special on The Lost World is scheduled to air this weekend!

Here's the cover of this week's Time Magazine, thanks to Mulcyber. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention yesterday that you can read the text of the short article about JP2 (the other article is mostly about Spielberg) here. (thanks to The Steven Spielberg webpage)

According to this report from Variety Magazine, The Lost World is already gaining in popularity, and it's still more than a week before the release: (thanks to Max Szoc)

Lots of merchandise info today. You know what that calls for, kids! That's right--A bulleted list!

On specially marked boxes of Cheerios and Honey-Nut Cheerios, you can order a special Lost World Kodak Fun-Saver camera. What's cool about it is that it's a 14 exposure camera, but comes with a 15th exposure which is actually a picture of a scene from the movie! (thanks to Christopher Baker)

Last Week's Poll Results. Well, this is what I was expecting when I asked "Who is your favorite character from The Lost World (the novel)". The answer was a resounding Ian Malcolm, with 49% of the vote. Doc Thorne edged out Sarah Harding as the second and third favorite (with around 15% each). Richard Levine came in forth, with only 1% of the vote. For the record, Ed James (the evil private investigator who stalks Kelly, Arby, and Thorne early in the book) came in last place, with only one vote.

This week's poll - "How many times have you seen Jurassic Park?" (try to be honest). Idea thanks to Scott.

I'm running out of ideas for polls! If you've got a good one, e-mail it to me at splat@nac.net

Chris has turned his video capture hardware in the direction of Jim Cameron's epic new flick, Titanic, creating an excellent .MOV of the theatrical trailer for this upcoming movie. Download all 22.4mb of it here. By the way, I just heard that Titanic will be the most expensive movie of all time, surpassing the 250 million dollar mark. For Cameron's sake, this movie better be very good....


Here's the 30 Second Commercial, Version 5, thanks to Chris. In this one, the announcer says: "Something has survived...Something Amazing...Something Powerful...Something dangerous...A Steven Spielberg Film...The Lost World"
[ Large .MOV - 6mb ]
[ Small .MOV - 3mb ]

Baryonyx spotted some JP2 Keychains at his local 7-11. They are described as "dinosaurs that 'magically' show their bones when you apply heat from your hand". They cost 3 bucks.

Burger King has reportedly started their promotion, according to Mike. Look for black JP2 French-fry containers, JP2 collectable cups, and the Lost World watches that have been mentioned before.

Chris Kerr has spotted the JP2 Koosh Balls in his local Spencer Gifts, as well as JP2 hologram pictures.

According to the Topps Official Website, today is the day that the JP2 Trading Cards will shipped to stores across the country! Let me know if you spot them!

Here's an article on JP2 from this Sunday's LA Times entitled "Building a Better Dino". Excerpts:

You can read the entire text of the May 16th Time Magazine article on Steven Spielberg, entitled "Peter Pan Grows Up: But can he still fly?", here. It's a great article--not really about JP2, but how amazing Spielberg really is. (thanks to Apollo)

Looking for more pictures on the official site? Check this page out, if you haven't already. (thanks to "Cyberjoe95")

By the way, I keep forgetting to mention that the official site update a few days ago did clarify one thing: The character of Dr. Robert Burke will definitely be played by Thomas Duffy.

Attention Nascar fans! According to a press release on the Nascar Website, Jeff Gorden and Universal will team up to promote JP2, with a new "pre-historic" look for Jeff's No. 24 vehicle. The new look will premier at the May 17th race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. (thanks to "Steeler24")

Okay, here is the ultimate piece of Jurassic Park memorabilia for the ultimate JP Freak who has a lot of disposable income: Bob Jasper, of "Hawaii Movie Tours" is offering to sell an original vehicle that was seen in Jurassic Park. In the scene with Nedry and Dodgson in Costa Rica, look in the background at the bright hand-painted vehicle--that's it. Bob is asking $5,000 bucks, so if you're interested, send him an e-mail.

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