More Trespasser goodies from this month's issue of NextGen magazine. Here are three Real Audio interviews with head designer Seamus Blackley (flight sim fans may recognize that name from Flight Unlimited by Looking Glass Technology. Many thanks to "Keep Out" for the .MOV's which these clips were taken from.


Some more Trespasser Pics, courtesy of riot of this neato Trespasser webpage:

(Click for the full pic)

And that's not all.. check out this exclusive Trespasser .MOV from this month's Next Generation Magazine. (2.5mb) It features a T-Rex battling it out against a helpless soda machine. (Guess who wins).


Some fairly large Trespasser news surfaced today: Lord Richard Attenborough's (John Hammond) distinctive voice has been confirmed to be prominently featured in the upcoming Dreamworks game. According to Dreamworks: The Trespasser webpage has a very nice audio clip of John Hammond speaking from the game.. Have a listen here: This news was "leaked" from the current issue of Next Generation magazine, which reportedly has a large article on Trespasser. The issue went on sale yesterday around the country. As for the release date of the game, January or February of 1998 looks like a good possibility.

Oh, and if you haven't heard, the first "test" of Quake 2, the sequel to what I consider to be the finest computer game ever made, has been released. Check out Bluesnews for download locations.


Brandon Shaw sent along some info about the TLW video, which will be on video store shelves on Tuesday, November 4th with an estimated price of $14.99. The cover of the video itself is a hologram, with the T-rex bursting out of the TLW logo, like the infamous TLW poster. The cover of the video can be taken off, to pin up on the wall, etc. There is also a $10.00 rebate on soft sort of binoculars on the cover as well.

Here are some codes for the Lost World Video game for the Sega Saturn, thanks to the excellent site, Saturnworld.com:

Oh yeah.. talking about video games, I finally got a chance to play the JP2 game for the Sega Genesis. Most likely this ancient 16-bit system's final game, I have to report that unfortunately, it's not great. The entire game (well, the large part I played) deals with sending you on long, boring tasks, like finding and disabling radio transmitters. After awhile, completing a level seems less fun and more like a chore. The graphics are pretty good -- you view the world from high above, and can see any dinosaurs coming from far away (which, I should add, have very poor AI). Anyway, if you were thinking of getting this game, don't. Invest the money on a Sony Playstaion or Sega Saturn instead.


As TLW reaches the end of it's international release tour, with the third-highest debut ever in Sweden and sixth in Denmark, it has made a total of $314.1 million dollars internationally. Added to the $228.7 million in the US, that puts the total somewhere around $543 million.

TLW's strongest competetor, MIB, has made just over $210 million internationally, although it is still at the start of it's tour. MIB's domestic + international total is just over $450 million.

If you have a Sony Playstation, and still haven't bought the Lost World Video Game (and instead spent your hard earned money on some Fantasy game? heh heh), check out the page on the Dreamworks site for some sound clips. This music in the game is not MIDI, nor synthesized. It was composed by Michael Giacchino (who has been callled a "young John Williams" by Steven Spielberg) and performed by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. Very cool stuff. (thanks to the Video Game Music Archive for some info)

I'm happy to report that Dan's LW Page crossed the 150,000 hit mark yesterday! As usual, I'd like to thank the academy, my parents, etc., as well as everyone who still makes it a habit to check this page every so often. : )


The Lost World Midi file has been found. I repeat -- The Lost World Midi has been found!! Matt16722 sent along the file yesterday, and I spent about three hours playing with it in Cakewalk, to the best of my limited musical abilities.. Here is the result.. If anyone out there has any midi talents, and would like to improve the file, please feel free (don't forget to send me the result!).. If the original author of this midi is out there, please let me know -- there was no info in the file itself. Well, anyway:
TLW midi


TLW continues to do well in the foreign box office as it nears the end of it's run, according to a Variety report. Passing the 300 million dollar mark, it "reached a lofty $301.2 million overseas, propelled by Italy's hot $6.7 million after 10 days, Finland's $997,000 in 10 days and Norway's three-day tally of $683,000." (thanks to MPreston88)

Sega has recently updated it's section on JP2 video games, including screenshots and info from all four versions: The arcade game, Genesis, Saturn, and Game Gear.

The very large and comprehensive site is located here.

Be sure to check out some of the high quality Wallpaper that available for download.

Guess who is number one in Forbes annual list of the Top 40 entertainers? Yes, you guessed right. The man himself, Steven Spielberg, sits on the top spot, with $283 million. George Lucas is next with $189 (the man does nothing yet still rakes in the dough), then comes Oprah with $104 million. (thanks to Adam)

Engage Entertainment released this statement giving some more information about the TLW online game they plan to develop. Here are some more details:

For those of you who have never heard of Engage, it is a dedicated multi-player gaming network, where players are charged a flat rate of $1.95 an hour. Fore more info, check out their webpage.

In other news: Be sure to watch the season premier of ER (one of my favorite TV shows), which will be broadcast live, this upcoming Thursday. And -- thanks to those who have asked -- college is pretty good so far!

Talking about college, my computer is now running a webserver 24/7 -- check it out at http://dans-box.student.umd.edu/.


TLW is doing very well in the forigin box office, according to an Variety report sent along by MPreston88. According to the report, "The Lost World's" foreign total [has] surged to $274.6 million, propelling the global total over $500 million. In Spain, Steven Spielberg's juggernaut has earned $7.3 million in 10 days."

For those of you who got their hot little hands on the TLW game for the Sony Playstation, but need a little help, check out this list of cheats, provided by Krunker, Dilophosaur, and Pachysaur.

Talking about JP2 games, Chaos Island, the kids game by Dreamworks, now has a webpage (check out the video clip). The game will be released September 25th.


BBC viewers in England (and, eventually, PBS viewers in America) can look forward to a new six-part documentary about dinosaurs. Described as "the most expensive in TV history, it will show how dinosaurs walked and looked after their young and perhaps even mating." The series will use "digitally-animated dinosaurs of the kind that broke box-office records in Spielberg classics The Lost World and Jurassic Park, but the exciting new series will make the hit movies look a little dated." According to press release, it will be screened on BBC1 sometime in 1999. (thanks to compy)

More overseas box office totals, from MPreston88. According to the Variety press release, "Last week, ``The Lost World's'' cume rocketed to $246.3 million, powered by Japan's massive $64.6 million, the U.K.'s $37.6 million, Australia's $15.6 million and Taiwan's $15.4 million. ``Men in Black'' climbed to an estimated $112 million, the 12th title to cross the century mark this year."

On Sept 2, at 6:30 PM ET on Sci-Fi channel (check for local listings and times), the Mystery Science 3000 gang will be giving TLW and all summer movies the business, according to "Utahraptor". Says Utah: "This promises to eb a fun time with lost of injokes for each movie, insults, rude comments, and plain old stupidity in the traditional MST3K style".

Despite the rumors of the release date being pushed back, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, the video game (for the Sony Playstation), has been released. I saw it with my own two eyes today in the mall.. there was only one left.. Get yours now!

By the way, if you're looking for the T-Rex Giga-Pet, accept no imitations! The only official Giga-Pet has the LW logo on it -- don't get one of those cheap "digi-dinos".

Well, I'm heading off to college tomorrow morning, and thus, this will be the last of the regular installments of the "What's New" section. Please feel free to keep sending me whatever JP2 info you may have, as I'll be updating this page "every so often". Things are crazy in my house right now, so I gotta make this quick... A million "thank-you"'s to everyone who has made this page possible.. those of you who have sent in info, digitized clips, scanned images, or posted on the message board or chatted on the chat room. It's been an amazing experience for all of us, and I will never forget it. Please continue to chat and post, and, as usual, keep an eye open for JP2/JP3 info.. Thanks again. Finally.. I present to you...

The Top 10 Things Dan Should Remember at College
(by Agent_DN)

10. Don't spill beer on your keyboard.
9. Don't let your drunken roomy, John, throw up all over your Lost World 3D hologram poster
8. Don't try to impress your college buddies when they show their adult magazines and you want to show them your PC magazine with an article on Dreamworks.
7. When your talking to a girl don't say "/me wants to know if you want to go out with me."
6. Don't go to a party and bring up the topic, " How do you feel about ol' Ian Malcom."
5. If some guys from the fraternity you want to be in ask "Why do you wanna become one of us?" don't tell them you can make them a page with Java Chat.
4. Don't stay in your dorm on your last day to watch "Anime '01."
3. On your application don't type "splat" for your name.
2. Don't ever use the phrases "a href=" or "img src=" on any exams or tests.
1. Don't take college advice from "BOB"


I've gathered some exclusive video game info for today's update:

Hopefully my new computer will come today, so next time I update, I'll be doing it with raw Pentium II power... :).


Well, it's official.. Sony Pictures announced yesterday that Men In Black has finally surpassed The Lost World in the US box office.. Passing it Wednesday night, MIB leads TLW $227.2 million to $226.7 million. (thanks to Mr. Goodbytes)

It looks doubtful that we can look forward to seeing "new footage" in the laser disc version of TLW.. Chris noticed that the run times for the theatrical and video versions are exactly the same.

Some Electronic Boutiques have a promotion where if you pre-order the JP2 Playstaion game (by putting $10 down), you'll get a free strategy guide and JP2 Wallet when it comes in. (thanks to Brandon Shaw)

4 days till college....


This "LaserViews" website confirms the fact that the Laser Disc version of The Lost World will be available on November 4th (in letterbox format with Dolby AC-3 and THX sound), and will also include a "7 minute behind-the-scenes featurette" (no word on whether it will include new scenes, however. (thanks to Chris)

A recent posting on the message board (I'm sorry I don't remember who posted it), reported that a recent review of the JP2 Playstation Game in Electronic Gaming Monthly gave it 5 stars (the highest rating) in every review category.. (that means it's good).

The game, which should be out September 3rd, can be pre-ordered from Electronics Boutique Online for $49.99. (thanks to compy)

It's very close. MIB is trailing Lost World by a mere 1.1 million dollars. However, according to a discussion on Ain't It Cool News, JP2 is expected to make more money overseas, where it already has broken records. So in the end, it will take the domestic and foreign totals to see which movie is really the winner. (thanks to Goldblum)

Are you pulling your hair out trying to find one of those damn T-Rex Giga-Pets? Check out Bean's Virtual Pet T-Rex. (I guess it would be a "Virtual Virtual Pet" then, wouldn't it..)

Do you like Midis? Are you an IRC nut? Well, then you need Midi-Serv, a new Mirc script written by moi. Cool features include random midi play, midi requester, play timer, and support for multiple play lists. After it's installed, come try it out on chat.nac.net, in the channel #thelostworld.

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