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Sick Computer
Important Note! The information on this page is horribly out of date and is online for historical and informational purposes only. Many of the files and sites linked on this site deal with Windows 95 or earlier operating systems, and installing updates or patches on a modern system can be harmful.

Welcome to..
The WinNuke Relief Page
(Or, "Why WinNuking is Lame")

How to protect your computer in a few easy steps.

By Dan Finkelstein

Sick Computer

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I.   What is WinNuke?

II.   Why is WinNuking lame?

III.   Protecting yourself.

  • Windows NT 3.51 users: Make sure you have Service Pack 5 installed first, then look this patch.

  • Windows NT 4.0 users: First apply Service Pack 3, then this fix.

  • Windows 98 users: You don't need to do anything -- Win98 is protected from WinNuke, as well as most of the W95-related attacks listed in Section V.

    IV.   Can I see who is WinNuking me?

    V.   Other Networking Attacks

    VI.   Conclusion

    - Dan Finkelstein (12-7-97, updated 10-6-98)

    This page is © 1997,1998 - Dan Finkelstein.
    Thanks to The WinNuke Testing Ground,'s DOS page, and for some source material.